During this time they recorded their first and only full-length Lp. After ten years the band broke up and Rick headed for the Northwest beauty of Seattle, Washington where he proceeded to hone his Blues chops, multiple instruments & recording skills. He recorded a fiery 3-song Blues/Rock demo. Rick soon collaborated with fellow Texas transplant Dana Davis and formed a studio band called Butterfly Tree, a blend of Kate Bush/Tori Amos meets Queen and The Beatles. Their larger than life album was laced with lush vocal harmonies, beautiful guitar solos and orchestral backdrops. After a few years in the Northwest Rick decided to move back to Texas and call Austin home.

In Austin, he hooked up with his younger brother Mark and formed Del Castillo along with vocalist Alex Ruiz. With an incendiary blend of Gypsy passion meets full-throttle Rock the band immediately became a local sensation, grabbing the attention of film director Robert Rodriguez. In exchange for Rodriguez directing Del Castillo’s live DVD the band provided music for the film Once Upon A Time In Mexico. During this period Rodriguez hatched the idea to form a movie band. Chingon was born providing their iconic version of the classic “Malaguena Salerosa” for the movie Kill Bill Vol. II. Rick has continued to work with Rodriguez and has provided music for the last seven of Rodriguez’s films and now works with him for his new El Rey Television network.

After recording seven albums and touring both the states and Europe for 14 years, the band Del Castillo decided to take a long needed break. In September of 2015 Rick, along with the Austin Civic Orchestra & Choir, performed live music he composed for the short film Killing Snakes (which incidentally was recorded at the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London). Throughout the rest of 2015 Rick recorded & produced local artists at his Smilin' Castle Studio while finishing up his British-infused collection of songs spearheaded by the all too catchy tune Paul McCartney. This album will be released April 29th, 2016. Recently Rick (along with Alex) has been commissioned to recreate late ‘60’s and early 70’s classic Italian hits. Thus begins the Costello Roquero project. Rick is also working on what is hailed as the first ever Tex-Mex musical entitled Malditos due Spring 2017.