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Dear sir or madam

Inventive lyrics and marvelous harmony vocals with the signature del Castillo guitar work
— John Aeilli, Eklektikos (KUTX, Austin)
Rick’s musicality shines through in this shimmering testimonial to British Pop Rock.
— Local Licks with Loris Lowe (KLBJ, Austin)
Incredible feat of musicianship and production.
— David Arnsberger, Texas Radio Live (Sun Radio)
Very smart and polished pop.
— Austin 360, On the Record
I knew Rick was talented, but this type of music really speaks volumes and goes way beyond what even I knew. It’s very inspiring as well as influential for musicians like myself. He’s definitely a true music master!
— JoJo Garza, Los Lonely Boys
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News & Updates

2017 passed with a blur! I was busy in the studio with Emilio Crixell & Border Soul, Scott Roddan, Albert Phipps (RIP my brother), Katie Blackwell, Christina Carlson, Tiny Purple Fishes, Brock Bushong, Del Castillo, Costello Roquero, Trails, Joe King Carrasco, Ex Romantika, Leeann Atherton, Andrea Van Cleef, Patricia Vonne & Raul Trevino!I look forward to doing more production work in 2018. Stay tuned....



Dear Sir or Madam

Rick has always been a huge fan of the British sound. Here he pays tribute for his love of The Beatles, Queen, Pink Floyd & David Bowie.

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Rick Del Castillo


Growing up the fifth of seven children in the border town of Brownsville, Texas, Rick del Castillo took full advantage of his older siblings large record collection. From The Beatles to Bach, Black Sabbath to BB King all musical styles were welcome. Around his 6th birthday Rick began banging on his mom’s old Folgers coffee cans. Sports eventually quelled his musical fire until his older siblings took an interest in the guitar. Rick caught the bug at twelve and has never looked back.

By tenth grade Rick was in his first professional Rock band, Rage, playing high school dances and bars around the Rio Grande Valley. After high school Rick toured non-stop with his band Bad Habit later to become Akasha. Read more-